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Wild & Unruly Cimarron

"Cimarron" is Spanish for wild or unruly and the Village of Cimarron lived up to that description. There was little if any law enforcement. Arguments were settled with bullets and in many instances justice was a result of vigilantes. This is where the Lamberts opened their saloon in 1872. Drinking, gambling and guns usually result in violence and death.

"Lambert's place", as the saloon became known, was no exception. An overly happy cowboy might shoot his gun off or a fight would break out then bullets would fly. The lives of 26 people ended this way --and there are hundreds of holes in the ceiling of the bar too. Talk around town after a busy night usually began with, "Wonder who got killed at Lambert's place this weekend?"

In spite of this, Henri and Mary Lambert's business thrived. Hotel rooms were added and it became known as one of the finest establishments in the west.

St. James Hotel Hallway

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